Update 1.0.2 + The rediscovered OST

Some bugs were reported, they have now been fixed.
In the process of this, I caught some typos and poor wording, these have now been fixed as well.
Boy, looking into the creative mind of myself 7 years ago is FASCINATING.

I've pushed an updated build of the Windows executable. Will upload the Mac one in the next 24 hours.

Now, in looking at my unreleased Bandcamp...releases, I found Fibres! It has one track and I guess it suits as the theme for the series. So here it is https://tiltthewindmill.bandcamp.com/album/fibres


Fibres Play in browser
Feb 15, 2020
fibres-win32-x64.zip 65 MB
Feb 15, 2020

Get Fibres [Part 1]

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